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The 13 Lies They Told you About Sales: A Lesson in Sales Psychology

Sales is a dirty word. It has many negative connotations both in the real and fictional world. But sales doesn’t have to be icky, sleazy or just plain annoying. In this foundational lesson on sales psychology we uncover what sales is really all about and how you can create a sales process that is authentic to you. Your negative view on selling may be holding you back from achieving the success you desire.

In this lesson, we’ll look at:

  • The difference between sales and marketing and why crossing the line can cost you the sale
  • How to take the “ick” factor out of sales so you are not manipulating the customer into buying
  • Why even great products don’t sell themselves
  • Why professional selling is not a natural talent and how it can be learned
  • The difference between professional and amateur sales
  • Why introverts are better at sales
  • How to make closing easy
  • Why referrals can be a predictable stream of leads
  • Why customers really buy
  • How emotions partake in sales decisions
  • How to make sales easy without being icky, sleazy, or just plain annoying

The New Sales Funnel: Sales Funnels, Metrics and Tools, Oh My!

The sales funnel has changed. It’s no longer an triangular shape that ends with the close, it’s an hourglass shape that continues beyond the sale and feeds itself again with referrals. We’ll also go over what KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) you should be tracking for yourself and your team. You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Finally, we’ll share the free and paid tech tools that will making tracking your numbers happen automatically, so you’re spending less time on admin, and more time selling!

In this lesson you will learn:

  • The different phases of the sales funnel so you know where your prospect stands in his or her sales journey
  • Why the new sales funnel does not end at the close, but has an hourglass shape.
  • How to relate the phases to your unique business
  • What metrics to track in the sales funnel and why it is important to do so
  • How to use your metrics to increase your performance
  • Tools of the trade: Learn what free and paid tools are available to make your sales process run smoothly and on autopilot (except for the part where you’re actually selling!)
  • Assignment: Set up your sales funnel, metrics and tools
  • Certificate of Completion: Complete the quiz for your personalized certificate of completion


  • Sales Funnel Cheat Sheet
  • Bonus Tutorial: Setting up your personal CRM

Character Study: Inside Your Ideal Client's Head

Actors have to do in-depth character studies before they go on stage to portray a character. A Character Study is my version of an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Knowing your customer better than anyone else will make it easier to market to and attract the right customers. A character study goes way beyond defining a target market. It is about selecting the ideal client for your business and uncovering the emotional and logical reasons they buy so you can sell to them effectively.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • Why this is an often skipped exercise by salespeople but can increase sales dramatically and shorten sales cycles
  • Go through a unique version of this exercise, which involves creating various social media profiles for your ideal client
  • Answer difficult questions about your ideal client so you can understand them better than your competition
  • Identify the emotional and logical reasons your ideal client buys so you can create effective scripts that appeal to your customer’s buying needs
  • Assignment: Download the worksheet to complete your Ideal Customer Profile

Crafting the Perfect 60 Second Pitch

Though short, your 60 second pitch is important. Whether you are introducing yourself before a talk, networking at an event, making a cold call, or pitching to investors, sometimes 60 seconds is all you have to generate enough interest to take the next step in the conversation. A carefully crafted and rehearsed pitch will get you the desired response: “Tell me more!” or rather, “Where have you been all my life?” and have your ideal client drooling over your offer.

In this lesson you will learn:

  • The five step formula to crafting the perfect 60 second, or elevator, pitch to generate more leads.
  • Incorporating emotion and logic in your pitch to create a balance that aligns with the customer’s buying process.
  • When to use your full pitch, and when to use parts of it
  • How to adjust your pitch for various scenarios
  • How to gauge the effectiveness of your pitch
  • Develop the framework for a full length pitch
  • Assignment: Script your 60 second pitch
  • CHALLENGE: Submit your pitch for feedback and see a sample response
  • Certificate of Completion: Successfully pass the quiz to obtain your personalized certificate of completion

Your Instructor

Jessica Magoch
Jessica Magoch

I'm Jess Magoch (pronounced MaGooch), your Virtual Sales Trainer. I have a Bachelor's from NYU, built a $40MM ARR sales team for a startup and teach sales courses at UPENN’s Startup Incubator, EDSI.

Now, as the CEO & Founder of JPM Sales Partners, I show entrepreneurs, with my proven sales methodology and interactive online training course, how to master and enjoy their sales conversations to create a business that energizes them.

Most people don't dream of being in sales (I certainly didn’t). It comes with baggage and preconceived notions.

But let's face it, without sales you don't have a business. Sales is a process that I've come to love (and you will too). I've trained and taught hundreds of professionals.

It's my 'sweet spot' to making an impact in the world.

With a background in yoga and acting, I believe in the mind, body, soul approach to selling. The mind is your mental toughness. The body (the how) is the physical, logical, strategic methodology. The soul is your inner game and state of being. When all three are combined, you can truly embody your on-purpose business with total freedom.

...and yes, I can teach you how.

I call it Sales Training with a Spiritual Kick.

It’s the cherry in your Dr. Pepper.

It’s the essence of something you can’t quite put your finger on, but is the essential ingredient that makes all the difference.

Having a meaningful business that supports your family financially and emotionally can grant you the ultimate freedom you crave.

...and mastering sales is how you get there.

"High Impact and Rare"

Jessica worked brilliantly with our EDSi fellows. She covered a wide range of critical information, including: asking our entrepreneurs to consider who the customer really is (as a person), how to build trust and relationships, and how to understand the customer's needs accurately. I think Jess' work was particularly useful because, while it touched the strategy and the financial model of each business, it stayed clearly on the sales (customer acquisition) side. Her feedback and insights were rich in context and given with empathy and understanding. It is clear to me from working with her that Jess has deep knowledge underneath her comments. We drew on that knowledge in a classroom setting, and I believe her contribution would also be immensely useful in 1:1 interaction.
-Leslie Mitts, CEO, University of Pennsylvania's Education Design Studio, Former Practice Director, Wharton Entrepreneurial Programs, & CEO of Phoenician Ventures.

"We came away with a plan that truly made sense for us and gave us confidence that we could attain our goal."

Jessica recently worked with us to establish a sales plan to meet our goals. As a startup, sales is particularly challenging due to many competing priorities and lack of formal training on the part of the senior team. After working with Jess for even a short period of time, we came away with a plan that truly made sense for us and gave us confidence that we could attain our goal. Jess helped us to identify areas where we needed to make changes to our process and where we could improve our messaging. She also helped us to figure out a system for measurement, which was important. I felt that she really understood our business, even after just working together for a short time. I highly recommend JPM Partners for anyone looking to get their arms around their sales goals and strategy!
- Jennifer Anderson, Co-Founder at Sustrana | Helping Companies Build Focused Sustainability Program

"I know I am prepared."

I have so much more confidence when approaching potential clients now that I know I am prepared. That pays off in a very tangible way! $$
Lindsay Bushong, Director of Business Development for MilkCrate, a platform that grows and measures your social and environmental impact.

"Honest and authentic"

Jessica is a great teacher and mentor who knows how to engage with customers and clients in an honest and authentic manner. She gets concepts through interactive exercises, uses humor in an effective way and is ready to take some personal time with everybody to really get deeper and give tailored advice.
-Jeroen Strijbosch, Co-Founder, Project Indus World, An EdTech Startup connecting students globally through its storytelling platform

"A fresh perspective to a profession as old as civilization"

I've been in sales for many years. JPM Sales Partners offers a fresh perspective to a profession as old as civilization. It's not just the information, but the teaching style and core beliefs that will help any student advance head & shoulders above the competition. At the same time I feel inspired to create my own individual style. I will be a JPM Sales Partners student for life!
-Robin Alexander, NYC Independent Licensed Agent, Medicare and Health Insurance

Courses Included with Purchase

13 Lies They Told You About Sales
A Lesson in Sales Psychology
Jessica Magoch
The New Sales Funnel
Sales Funnels, Metrics, and Tech Tools, Oh my!
Jessica Magoch
Character Study (ICP)
Getting Inside Your Ideal Customer's Head
Jessica Magoch
The Perfect Pitch
Crafting the Perfect 60 Second PItch
Jessica Magoch

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